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Warum ist der CRI oder Kelvin in Ihrer Literatur nicht enthalten?

Promolux designates its proprietary color formulas by names, rather than numbers (Platinum, Premium White, HD35).  Because the Promolux color spectrum is fine-tuned to ensure the best merchandising and protection, a CRI or Kelvin number is not a useful way to understand the color of Promolux LEDs. In August 2014 the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) [...]


Wenn LEDs keine UV-Strahlung produzieren, warum schädigt meine aktuelle LED dann immer noch mein Essen?

Ultraviolet light is not the only contributing factor to food becoming damaging from lighting - there are so many other contributing factors. Portions of visible spectrum cause photo-oxidation and photo-degradation to different kinds of fresh food, and the quality and construction of an LED plays a factor as well. LEDs with fewer chips must be [...]


Wie verhindern oder verlangsamen Promolux LEDs den Verderb von Lebensmitteln?

Promolux eliminates those portions of the visible spectrum that cause damage to fresh food.  Select portions of visible spectrum between 500nm-630nm are eliminated to ensure perishable food stays fresh and appealing, and maintains its nutritive composition as long as possible. Furthermore, Promolux LEDs are made using low power chip technology and quality heat sink. When [...]


Stellt Promolux LEDs mit unterschiedlichen Farbformeln her?

Yes! Promolux’s two main color formulas are Platinum & Premium White.  HD35 is a new color formula and is a high definition 3500K LED ideal for merchandising when there is a lot of ambient lighting that is  lower on the Kelvin scale (3000K).  Look for more information about Promolux’s HD35 Color formulas it becomes available.  [...]